African Soup in a Bag

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Ora/Oha Soup Mix
Ora/Oha is a leafy vegetable that has high content of agents that may provide protection from DNA cleavage, regulates immune response and has anti-inflammatory activities.
In addition to this Ora/Oha is full of Vitamins and Minerals useful for maintaining healthy living. Our Ora/Oha soup is nutritious and promotes healthy living.

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450g (16oz) Party size $25.00
200g (7.05oz) Family size with dry fish $13.00
200g (7.05oz) Family Size with dry Beef $13.00
150g (5.30oz) Family size $10.00
100g (3.50oz) Single size with dry fish $9.00
100g (3.50oz) Single size beef $9.00
76g (2.7oz) Single size only $6.00