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Ogbono/Apon Soup Mix
Ogbono/Apon is also called Miracle mango because of it's nutritional values. It contains Edible oil, Protein Vitamins and minerals lik. It is also high in energy content. It is used as a thickener because of its high mucilage content. It helps to reduce absorption of body sugar and also reduces amount of blood sugar converted to fat.

Ogbono/Apon helps to reduce appetite and is therefore used for weight loss etc) Our Ogbono/Apon soup also contains Ugu (fluted Pumpkin), which is very rich in Vitamins and Minerals. It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents. It helps to lower diabetes, heart disease and reduce risk of breast and stomach cancers.
It also helps to control Cholesterol. Ogbono/Apon soup is not only nutritious but also healthy for you. It is good for vegetarians.


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